Dried fruit


The solar dryer, built in 2004, produces mainly sun-dried bananas sold under the brand name "Bananas to Go".

The bananas are ripened naturally, and then we peel them and place them in trays to dry with solar heat under a transparent roof. We select and pack the product in bags and boxes with no additives or preservatives. They can last up to 18 month without refrigeration.


The solar dryer has a sanitary license and the sun-dried bananas have a sanitary registration, a nutritional label, and a bar code to facilitate their sale in supermarkets and to other businesses for which these are requirements.

The main presentation is a small cardboard box with 300 grams (10.5 oz) of whole bananas under the label " Bananas to Go". We also can sell cut-up dried bananas for sampling or industrial uses.

Various distributors have signed contracts to sell the sun-dried bananas in Guatemala and export them. We are always looking for new marketing opportunities.

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