Diverse Crops


The farm grows most of the bananas alongside the coffee, forming part of the shade system.

Most of the banans are of a local variety known as "banano coco". This type of banana is not exported and is well-liked in local markets and in the Guatemalan highlands.

Because of its very special sweet taste and porous texture, it is the ideal banana to dehydrate. We use it in the dried fruit factory to produce sun-dried bananas.


The farm produces coconuts that are sold locally for their sweet water throughout the year.

Plantains are also harvested all year and are an important part of the local diet.

Other kinds of fruit available during certain months include zapote, mamey, oranges, avocadoes, mangoes, papayas and pineapples.


The farm has its own beehives and produces high quality natural honey available all year.

Visitors can see how honey is produced using a manual extractor and simple tools used by small beekeepers.

Most of the honey is sold in jars and bottles at the farm.


The trees that provide shade over the coffee also produce firewood and lumber.

The firewood is used to dry the coffee and any left over is sold to neighboring families for cooking in their houses.

The farm has various plantations of thick and thin bamboo which is used for construction, furniture, baskets and to prop up crops.

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