Who we are


We are a family farm covering 172 hectares (155 acres) divided in three sections: Santa Elena and two annexes (San Francisco and San Rafael).

Shade-grown coffee and bananas have been the main crops for nearly a century. Minor crops include coconuts, bamboo, lumber, sun, firewood, plantains and varied fruits.

We have a solar dryer that produces dehydrated bananas, a traditional Guatemalan delicacy. Also, visitors can purchase honey and roasted coffee from the farm.

The altitude is 2,300 feet (750 meters) and the climate is ideal, with year-around temperatures between 64 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The dry season is from December to April, and the rains are from May to November. The coffee harvest is from September to December.


Since 1936, the farm has belonged to the Rivera family from Quetzaltenango. The third generation administers it now.

Because of low coffee prices in 2002-2003, the farm pursued more diversification including a dried fruit industry, rural hospitality, and agro-tourism.

The main farm house was restored in 2002 conserving its traditional style. It is now a center for rural tourism that offers lodging, gourmet meals and educational programs.

In 2007 the entire farm was declared a PRIVATE NATURE PRESERVE committed to conserve the biodiversity which is typical of shade-grown coffee.


Continue growing coffee and improving its quality and profitability.

Expand the dried fruit agro-industry and other products dehydrated with solar heat.

Receive more tourists and offer educational programs and voluntary service opportunities for foreign and national visitors.

Continue crop diversification emphasizing the most profitable options.

Contribute to local economic development by creating more productive and sustainable jobs.


The farm collaborates with many persons and entities including suppliers, purchasers, institutions, and friends.

We are affiliated and/or have close relations with:
National Coffee Association (ANACAFE)
Federation of Coffee Cooperatives of Guatemala (FEDECOCAGUA)
Association of Private Nature Preserves of Guatemala (ARNPG)
Farmer's Association of Palajunoj
Ek Chuah Tourism
Adrenalina Tours
National Network of Enabling Groups (RNGG)
Volunteers from NGO's, universities and missionary delegations from churches.

Km 187, road to Quetzaltenango
Entrance to Palmarcito
400 meters from the highway
P.O. Box 9-11005
San Felipe, Retahuleu
Guatemala, Central America

Tel: (502) 7772-5294



Caficultura Diversificada, Fruta Seca, Turismo Rural